Tuesday, August 05, 2008

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Wanna write a new post for Your blog? Ride You bicycle at first!

Would you still watch your favorite television program if you had to cycle for an hour before you could view it? This question is not mine but CNN journalists. They are asking this in the article about new energy source - human power.

The profile of the technology is set to receive a further boost this month when a human-powered gym opens in Portland, Oregon, and again in September when the human-powered 'sustainable dance club', Club Watt, opens its doors in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Human power is already being used to run the 'California Fitness' gym in Hong Kong, and to power the recently opened 'Club Surya' in London.

It doesn't matter how it works but perhaps You already understood it is related with law of conservation of energy. The general concept is known as energy harvesting, which simply refers to the gathering of energy from one source and applying it to power an object.

As CNN talkers admit, usage human masculine power isn't new idea. This is old and nice method from those times when if You wanted to go somewhere You had to walk, if You wanted to dig a hole, You had to dig. But times differ. Nowadays we are very anxious not only about saving energy sources but also about human health.

For the meantime human power is being used where they already a having active time: in sports or dance clubs. It would be more effective to employ couch potatoes who do nothing but sit in front of electric devices through the days. Restless evenings are coming, aren't they?

However, despite all advantages, I'm sceptical about all this idea. I agree that active and modern minded people will make the technology popular, save energy and shape their forms. But critical mass of the society will use not their own energy until there nothing be left. Laziness is one of the powers which moves the history of inventions.
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