Monday, August 04, 2008

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The future through the present

We often want to express one thoughts while speaking but express much more. Sometimes we even say such statements that after a while we realize it was nonsense. However, while speaking about the future we usually tell what we think about the present indeed. Anybody is catching on my mind?

For example about a month ago, during the days of Euro'08 in Switzerland and Austria, scientists, who are creating robots, forecasted that their robots-footballers will be able to win a match against Brazilian national soccer team on 2025. Peter Kopacek of Vienna's Technical University was even more sceptical about his own country players. "I think that by 2015 or 2017 a robot team will beat the Austrian national squad," said he. "

On one hand, this statement was an original PR move in the days of Euro'08. But on the other hand, it is obvious illustration of human mentality paradoxes. Who could know that, for example, Austrian national squad wouldn't be stronger than Brazilian squad on 2015? Not talking about 2025. Maybe it will be the time for USA soccer?
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